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Rigid Material

Rigid Material

How to choose material for PCB

In order to meet the different requirements of the PCB board, From material selection, board design, to anti-jamming performance requirements , all aspects should make a reasonable choice and design, most of the time, ordinary FR4 will be able to meet the design requirements, but Some special boards need special material , and many times customer have specified board material , but for some reason we can not buy these material directly . In fact, we have the same similar performance board material instead .

The choice of board material needs to consider the manufacturability of the factory , the availability of materials, the cost and the applicability of laws and regulations.


Key data of the board material performance

• Tg value (glass transition point temperature of the material)

• Td value or T260, T288 (thermal decomposition temperature of the material)

• Er value and Tanδ (Dk and Df) (dielectric loss and dielectric loss tangent),

• Halogen content (whether halogen-free material),

• Other considerations: CAF (anode conductive wire), IST, Q1000, UL grade, CTI (leakage tracking index), Water absorption ….


Recommended board material





Fr4 laminate

KB KB6160

Tg =130 Td =305℃

Shengyi S1141

Tg =140 Td =325℃ Z-CTE(50-260 ℃)=4.5%

Shengyi S1170

Tg =170 Td =335℃ Z-CTE(50-260 ℃)=3.3%

KB KB6167

Tg =170 Td =340℃ Z-CTE(50-260℃)=3.0%


Shengyi  S1170

Tg =170 Td =335℃ Z-CTE(50-260℃)=3.3%

Dk And Df

Non-PTFE thermoset resin systems with ceramic loading

Nelco N4000-13

Dk=3.7, Df=0.009 Tg=210 ℃

Rogers 4003C

Dk=3.38, Df=0.0027 UL94VO

Rogers 4350B

Dk=3.48, Df=0.0037 UL94VO

Rogers RO4450B (3.9mil)

Dk=3.54, Df=0.004 UL94VO

Arlon 25FR

Dk=3.58, Df=0.0035 UL94VO

Arlon 25FR 1080 (3.9mil)

Dk=3.58, Df=0.0035 UL94VO

PTFE laminate (Teflon)

Arlon Diclad 880

Dk=2.17, 2.20, Df=0.0009

Taconic TLY-5 A, TLY-5

Dk= 2.17, 2.20 , Df=0.0009

Arlon Diclad 527

Dk=2.40-2.60, Df=0.0022

Taconic TLX-8

Dk=2.51-2.59, Df=0.0019

Taconic RF-30

Dk=3.0, Df=0.0014

Arlon AD300

Dk=3.0, Df=0.003

Taconic RF-35, RF-35P

Dk=3.50,  Df=0.0018, 0.0025

Arlon AD350, AD350A

Dk=3.50, Df=0.003

Arlon AD1000

Dk=10.20, Df=0.0023

Taconic CER-10

Dk=10.00, Df=0.0035

Halogen Free

Shengyi S1155

Tg= 135℃, Td =370℃

Shengyi S1165

Tg= 170℃, Td =360℃,

KB HF-140

Tg= 130℃, Td =340℃,


Shengyi S1601

CTI 400-600V Tg= 135℃ Td =310℃

Shengyi S1600

CTI ≥600V  Tg= 135℃ Td =310℃

KB KB6160C

CTI 300V/600V  Tg =130 Td =305℃

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