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Via In Pad

Via in Pad

The use of Via-in-Pad technology is increasingly influenced through the necessity of high-density BGAs (ball grid arrays) and the miniaturization of SMD chips.

With a reliable Via Filling / Capping process, without enclosures of chemicals, it is possible to produce high-density PCB designs with Via-in-Pad technology, avoiding soldering errors 

Some key benefits are:

• Performing better in thermal management, beneficial for heat dissipation
• Gives high frequency designs the shortest possible route to bypass capacitors
• Overcomes high speed desogn issues and constraints such as low inductance
• Sharing a flat surface with component attachment
• Making PCB footprints smaller and routing further and better

Via in pad guidelines

1. Plug the via by resin and plated it flat by copper. 

It is suitable for small BGA via in pad.This process fill the via hole with a conductive or Nonconductive material and then the via surface is plated over,Provide a smooth flat for solderable surface.There are used for Via-in-pad designs where component may be Mounted over the via, or a solder joint will extend over the via connection. 

2. Microvias and via in pad plated over.

According to IPC, a microvia is a hole with a diameter of < 0.15mm.It can be a through via hole (with all respect to a aspect ratio), But we normally see them as blind vias between 2 layers.Mostly drilled by laser, but some pcb manufacturers are also drilling microvia with a mechanical drill bit.It is slower, but the holes have a clean and nice cut.The microvia copper fill process is an electrochemical deposition Process applied in the manufacturing of multilayer process,Also called capped vias.The process is complex. Copper filling of microvias is available from most PCB manufacturers that are capable of producing HDI PCB Boards.



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