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6 layer Rigid-Flexible PCB

Type:Rigid-Flex Pcb

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 Board Thickness

 Rigid: 1.57mm +/-0.15

 Flex: 0.15mm +/-0.03

 Copper Thickness

 1/1/0.5/0.5/1/1 OZ


 PI (0.30mm +/-0.03)

 Min. Line Width/ Spacing

 4mil (0.10mm)/5mil (0.13mm)



 Silkscreen Color


 Surface Finishing

 ENIG(Ni: 3-5um/Au: 0.05um)

 Impedance controlled

 55Ω±10%, differential 90Ω ±15%

 Layer Count

 6 Layer (4rigid+2flex)

 Min.Quantity of Order


Rigid-flexible PCB material introduction

Mixed materials including RF and high speed, standard FR-4, polyimide flex. Adhesiveless or adhesive based polyimide flex constructions, with cover coat or flexible solder mask materials.

Processing capability

 ● Layer count: 6 (rigid ) / 2 (flex)

 ● Copper Foil: 1/3oz to 2oz

 ● Min Line width/spacing : 3.0/3.0mil

 ● Drill to conductor: 8mil

 ● Surface Finishing: ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Organic coating processing,etc

Quality control

 KingCredie follow the international standard manufacturing

 ● IPC-A-600G Printed board Acceptance Criteria

 ● IPC/CPCA-6013B Flex boards’ Performance specification

 ● IPC-TM-650 Printed board experiment method

Rigid-flex is a complicated product that demands a lot of interaction between the PCB provider and the customers. Like other complex products, early discussions between King Credie and the designer is necessary to optimize the design for manufacturability and to optimize costs. Please contact King Credie if you need further information or assistance, we are happy to help you. 


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