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Taconic TLY-5 Double Sided High Frequency PCB

Type:High Frequency Pcb

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Taconic TLY-5

 Base Material

 Taconic TLY-5

 Board Thickness

 1.52 mm

 Copper Thickness






 Solder mask Color


 Silkscreen Color


 Surface Finishing 


 Min.Quantity of Order



 UL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001


 Special Material

TLY laminates are manufactured with very lightweight woven fiberglass and are more dimensionally stable than chopped fiber reinforced PTFE composites. The woven matrix yields a more mechanically stable laminate that is suitable for high volume manufacturing. The low dissipation factor enables successful deployment for automotive radar applications designed at 77 GHz as well as other antennas in millimeter wave frequencies.


  • Dimensionally stable

  • Lowest DF

  • Low moisture absorption

  • High copper peel strength

  • Uniform & consistent DK

  • Laser ablatable


  • Automotive radar

  • Satellite/cellular communications

  • Power amplifiers

  • LNBs, LNAs, LNCs

  • Aerospace

  • Ka, E and W band applications


KingCredie follow the international standard manufacturing

  • ● IPC-4101 Specification for base materials rigid / multi-layer

  • ● IPC-600G Acceptability of Printed Boards / Class 2

  • ● IPC-6011 Generic Performance Specification for Printed Wiring Boards

  • ● IPC-6012B -Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Boards/class 2

  • ● IPC6013A- Qualification and Performance Specification for Flexible Printed Boards/class 2

  • ● IPC6016- Qualification and Performance Specification for High Density Interconnect(HDI) Layers or Boards/ class 2

  • ● IPC-SM-840 Qualification and Performance of permanent polymer coatings

  • ● MIL-PFR-55110 Military Performance and Specifications-Tucson

  • ● IPC-6018 Microwave End Product Board Inspection and Test-Tucson

  • ● IPC-TM-650 Test methods manual.


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