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Rigid Pcb Capability

Rigid PCB Capabilities

Rigid PCB Capabilities.png

 Item Description Capability
 Material FR4, FR4 HIGH-TG TG135, TG170, TG180, Halogen Free
 CTI CTI175, CTI300, CTI600
 High Frequency Material Ro4350, Ro4003, 25FR, 25N
 Rogers, Taconic, Arlon,   Nelco, F4BK
 Metal substrate board Aluminum substrate, Copper substrate
 HDI High Density Interconnect 1+N+1、1+1+N+1+1、2+N+2、3+N+3
 Microvia hole size 0.1mm,0.15mm
 Surface Treatment Lead HASL
 Lead Free ENIG, ENEPIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion   Tin, Flash   Gold, Golden Finger, OSP, Lead   free HASL etc.
 Plating Thickness  HASL 2-40um
 OSP 0.2-0.6um
 ENIG Au: 0.025-0.1um Ni: 3-8um
 Immersion Silver 0.2-0.4um
 Immersion Tin ≥1um
 Flash Gold Au:0.025-0.1um Ni:3-8um
 ENEPIG Au:0.025-0.1um Ni:3-8um Pd:0.025-0.15um
 Golden Finger Au:0.25-1.5um Ni:3-8um
 Other Thickness  Carbon 10-50um
 Peelable mask 0.2-0.4mm
 Drilling Min Laser Drilling 0.10mm
 Max Laser Drilling 0.15mm
 Mechanical Drilling 0.15-6.5mm
 Aspect Ratio 1:0.8 (Laser)   12:1 (Mechanical)
 Min distance Via to CU 0.15mm(≤4Layer), 0.17mm(≤8Layer), 
 0.22mm(10-14Laye), 0.25mm(>14Layer)
 Min distance Drill to   Drill 0.15mm
 Hole diameter tolerance PTH: +/-0.075 (<6.0MM), +/-0.15 (≥6.0MM) 
 NPTH: +/-0.05 (<6.0MM), +/-0.10 (≥6.0MM)
 Press fit Holes   Tolerance +/-0.05mm
 Counterbore/Countersink Diameter TOL +/-0.15mm
 Counterbore/Countersink Depth   TOL +/-0.15mm
 Blind slots (Z-milling) Yes, +/-0.15mm
 Backdrilling Yes, +/-0.10mm
 Min Land Size Min Pad for via 0.25mm(Laser Drill)  0.4mm(Mechanical   drilling)
 Min BGA Size 0.18mm(Flash Gold)  0.3mm(Lead Free   HASL)     0.25mm(Other)
 BGA Size Tolerance +/-15% or +/-1.5mil(BGA≤10mil)
 Outer layer
 Samples Mass Productions
 Base Copper 1/3OZ 3/3mil 3.5/4mil
 Base Copper 1/2OZ 3.9/4mil 4/5mil
 Base Copper 1OZ 5/6mil  5.5/7mil
 Base Copper 2OZ 6/8mil 6/9mil
 Base Copper 3OZ 6/11mil 7/12mil
 Base Copper 4OZ 7.5/15mil 8/16mil
 Base Copper 5OZ 9/18mil N/A
 Base Copper 6OZ 10/21mil N/A
 Trace Width Tolerance +/-20%
 Inner layer 1/2OZ 3/3mil  3/4mil
 1OZ 3.5/4mil 4/5mil
 2OZ 5/6mil 5/8mil
 3OZ 6/8.5mil 6/10mil
 4OZ 6/12mil 7/12mil
 5OZ 8/15mil N/A
 6OZ 10/17mil N/A
 Trace Width Tolerance +/-20%
 Solder Mask Colors Green, Yellow ,Black, White, Blue, Red, Matte   green
 Min dam width 0.1mm(green color) , 0.15mm(other colors)
 Thickness 10-18um(Corner≥5um)
 Legend Colors White, Black, Yellow
 Min. Legend Height 0.6mm
 Profile CNC Routing Tolerance Min. +/-0.1mm
 Copper to outline center 0.2mm
 V-scoring Angles 20 30 45 60 Deg
 V-score Depth 1/3 of board thickness
 Copper to V-cut Center 0.4mm
 Beveling Angles 30,  45 Deg  (+/-5 Deg)
 Beveling Depth +/-0.1mm
 Metal substrate   board Layer count Metal substrate: 1-12L, Ceramic substrate:   1-2L
 Finished Size 610*610mm(Max)  5*5mm(Min)
 Board Thickness 0.5-5.0mm
 Max copper thickness 8OZ(Outer)
 Thermal conductivity Standard materials: 1-3W/m.k,
 Specified materials : 4-12W/m.k
 Ceramic materials: 24-170W/m.k
 Other Max copper thickness 8OZ(Outer) 7OZ(Inter)
 Layer Count 1-24L
 Board thickness 0.4mm~5.0mm
 Board thickness TOL ±10%(>1.0mm); ±0.1mm(≤1.0mm)
 Min board dimensions 10*10mm
 Max board dimensions 20*30inch(2Layer), 22.5*30inch(4Layer),     16.5*22.5inch(≥6Layer)
 Twisting and bending ≤0.75%  Min0.5%
 Impedance Tolerance ±5Ω(<50Ω), ±10%(≥50Ω)

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