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Flex & Rigid-Flex Capability

Flex & Flex-Rigid Capabilities

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 Material Type Adhesive, Adhesive, Halogen-   free
 Polyimide Thickness 0.5mil,1mil,2mil
 Adhesive Thickness 0.5mil, 0.8mil
 Copper (ED ,RA) 1/3oz 1/2oz 1oz
 Coverlayer Polyimide Thickness 15um, 25um, 50um
 Adhesive Thickness 12.5um, 20um,25um
 Colors White, Black, Yellow
 Min Coverlay Opening Size 0.40mm(Drill), 0.25mm(Laser),   0.7mm(punch)
 Min Space Between Coverlay Opening 0.15mm(Drill), 0.20mm(Laser),   0.6mm(punch)
 Edge of Coverlay Opening   to Trace 0.15mm
 Stiffeners PI 0.1-0.25mm
 PET 0.1-0.18mm
 Fr4 0.1-1.2mm
 Metal 0.1-0.3mm
 Surface   Treatment ENIG Au: 0.025-0.1um Ni: 3-8um
 Flash Gold Au:0.025-0.1um Ni:3-8um
 Immersion Tin ≥1um
 OSP 0.2-0.6um
 Drilling Min Laser Drilling 0.1mm
 Mechanical Drilling 0.2-6.5mm
 Aspect Ratio 1:0.8(Laser)   12:1(Mechanical)
 Min distance Via to   Conductor 0.2mm(≤4Layer),  0.25mm(≤6Layer)
 Min distance Drill to   Drill 0.2mm
 Copper   Plated Thickness Double side board: ≥8um
 Multilayer: ≥12um
 Rigid flex board: ≥18um
 TFT :8-15um
 Annular ring Outer layer 0.15mm
 Inter layer 0.15mm(4Layer)
 Out layer Base Copper 1/3OZ 0.07/0.07mm
 Base Copper 1/2OZ 0.08/0.10mm
 Base Copper 1OZ 0.10/0.12mm
 Trace Width Tolerance +/-20%
 Inter layer Copper 1/3OZ 0.07/0.07mm
 Copper 1/2OZ 0.08/0.10mm
 Copper 1OZ 0.10/0.12mm
 Trace Width Tolerance +/-20%
 Solder Mask Colors Green, Yellow , Black, White,   Blue,   Red, Matte green
 Min dam width 0.1mm(green color)  0.15mm(other colors )
 Thickness 10-18um(Corner≥5um)
 Legend Colors Yellow, White, Black
 Min. Legend Height 0.8mm
 Profile Mechanical Routed Part Size Tolerance +/-0.10mm
 Laser Routed Part Size   Tolerance  +/-0.10mm
 Min. Diameter Rout Cutter 0.8mm
 Copper to Outline Center 0.2mm
 EMI Shield   Film SF-PC5000/5500/5900 11um/22um/9um
 SF-PC1000 32.1um
 TSS200/TSS100 22um/12um
 Other Max Copper Thickness 2OZ(Outer) 2OZ(Inter)
 Layer Count 1-6(Flexible)  2-6(Rigid Flex)
 Board   Thickness 1L: 0.10mm-0.16mm  2L: 0.13-   0.25mm
 4L: 0.25mm-0.45mm  6L: 0.35-   0.45mm
 FPC Thickness Tolerance +/-0.05mm(≤0.5mm) ;   +/-10%mm(>0.5mm)
 Min board dimensions 5*8mm
 Max board dimensions 230*330mm(Convention);   480*630mm(Special)
 Twisting and bending ≤0.75%  Min0.5%
 Impedance Tolerance +/-5Ω(<50Ω) , +/-10%(≥50Ω) 

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