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Single-sided Flexible PCB

Type:Flexible Pcb

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 Board Thickness


 Base Material

 0.5mil - 2mil Polyimide

 Copper Thickness



 PI: 0.10-0.25UM, Fr4: 0.1-1.20MM, PET: 0.10-0.18MM, Metal:0.10-0.30MM

 Min. Line Width/ Spacing

 3mil (0.08mm)/3mil (0.08mm)


 Yellow, White, Black

 Silkscreen Color

 White, Black

 Surface Finishing

 ENIG, Flash Gold, Immersion Tin, OSP

 Min.Quantity of Order


 Layer Count

 1-6 Layer

Our Product

We produce various types of flex circuit boards, such as capacitive boards, module boards, soft cabling boards, battery boards, keypad boards, LED light bar boards, backlight boards and so on. At the same time to meet the diversification of product customization, support various types of sample research and development, customer demand has always been the first place, the greatest efforts to meet customer requirements.

FPC material introduction

Bare Material: PI,PET
Bare Material Thickness: .0005”(0.0125mm) to .002” (0.05mm)
Copper Foil: 1/3oz to 2oz( (ED & RA)

Processing capability

 • Flex PCB layer count: 1-6 L
 • Min Line width/spacing : 3.0/3.0mil
 • Drill to conductor: 8mil
 • Surface Finishing: ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Organic coating processing,etc

Quality control

 • KingCredie follow the international standard manufacturing
 • IPC-A-600G Printed board Acceptance Criteria
 • IPC/CPCA-6013B Flex boards’ Performance specification
 • IPC-TM-650 Printed board experiment method


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