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Selection and rcementepla of Material PCL-370HR

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370HR is a high performance 175 glass transition temperature(Tg) FR-4 system for multilayer Printed Wiring Board (PCB) applications where maximum thermal performance and reliability are required. 370HR laminate and prepreg products are manufactured with a unique high performance multifunctional epoxy resin, reinforced with electrical grade (E-glass) glass fabric.

We did receive many RFQs with specified laminate with brand and Part No which should meet IPC 4101/126 .When we discuss the equivalent laminates which have the similar parameters but can be available easily in the market with the designers, some insisted on their origin thought while some can accept our suggestion and put them into production finally.

In most Chinese PCB fab houses, except those houses who specialize in high frequency PCBs manufacturing or rarely factory will take these brand materials in stock only for 1 or 2 orders coming from customers per year. Such as : Neclo ,Isola,Rogers,ITEQ and etc.We use mostly Shengyi( S1000-2) in China instead of these brand materials.

Let’s take a comparision between S1000-2 and “PCL-370HR” for example:

S1000-2 : Tg 180/ Td:345 / Z-CTE :2.8%/ DK(1MHZ):4.8 / Df:(1MHZ) :0.013
PCL-370HR :Tg 180/ Td:340 / Z-CTE :2.8%/ DK(100MHZ):4.24 / Df:(100MHZ) :0.015

They have similar DK &Df and small difference in Tg ,you can get the similar performance of these material which can be used without any negative influence unless you need exactly the lamiate for the special project ,then no replacement can be done any more. You should get noticed that ,the purchasing time for PCL-370HR will be 1-2 weeks but S1000-2 can be taken into produciton immediately.

Just as mentioned above, not all materials are available on all continents.Ask your own supplier which one can be easily available for them. or give them more flexibility to choose the right material for you .

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