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How to make a good PCB board

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Product design is good
Our engineer team will conduct a comprehensive inspection and analysis of each PCB design before production. From the customer's processing requirements to the design of circuit files, our engineers will make reasonable recommendations on the correctness and machinability of the PCB, to ensure that no inherent defects, and designed to meet customer requirements specifications.

High quality materials
All the materials sources for King Credie are from well-known international manufacturers, such as ITEQ, KB, Rogers and so on. In strict accordance with customer requirements of the material specifications for procurement, follow the IPC standards and meet RoHS environmental requirements.

Suitable equipments
In addition to constantly upgrading production equipment to improve production capacity, King Credie also constantly improve the quality control equipments. From the basic hole copper test equipment to the large AOI detector. Each of our steps be in order to provide better PCB in progress.

Mature production process
King Credie has developed a detailed production manual to regulate the operation of each production process. In addition, our company also for the product hole wall roughness, a variety of liquid medicine concentration, trace width and spacing, impedance and other key factors to implement strict SPC control. For automotive products and other newly developed products to implement strict product quality planning and potential Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.

Skilled production workers
Skilled production workers are always be a key link to decide the quality on PCB production, in addition to standardize the operation of workers, workers training is also an indispensable link. In the premise of improving the welfare for old workers, new workers training is also one of the head of the assessment objectives.

Strict quality inspection departments and improvement mechanisms
King Credie has developed a complete quality control manual and acceptance criteria manual, we strictly follow the IPC 2 level acceptance criteria. 
In the actual production process, strict statistical process control, through the PCB production process parameters and some product characteristics parameters to do statistics, and draw the control chart to observe, analyze the pattern trend. In the discovery of abnormal or even abnormal signs, we will do timely adjust to prevent bad products being. 
In the control process, strict requirements for the production control of the PCB system for stability, repeatability, reproducibility and other analysis. Select the optimal measurement and monitoring system to ensure that production process is fully controlled.
Strict product quality control is the company to obtain a leading competition, to win high-quality customers an important guarantee. PCB factory has passed ISO9001: 2002 quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, all products through the fire safety testing US UL certification.

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